Android Screen Capture

android screen capture

Android Screen Capture

PicMe is probably the foremost easy resolution you will find android screen capture of your android phone.

Taking android screen capture on your android device could be a heap harder than it ought to be. On the iPhone you’ll press 2 keys and it’s done, however with Google’s mobile OS you will be scratching your head making an attempt to figure out however it’s done.

Once put in on your device, PicMe uses your network association to show pictures of your screen on an internet server.

When connected, alittle window seems among PicMe showing you the computer address wherever the image is being relayed to. sort this address into any applications programme and it’ll show a picture of what is presently being displayed on your android phone. you’ll then grab these pictures victimization a normal screen capture tool, like SnagIt or PicPick.

There square measure 3 alternative ways to look at the device’s screen victimization PicMe – Static, that displays solely the screen state once PicMe was activated; and Live and Live (standalone), that each offer you a true time read of what is happening on your French telephone.

PicMe isn’t quite as helpful because the iPhone screen grabbing feature as a result of it needs a desktop screenshot app to require grabs from your phone. However, it’s most likely the simplest thanks to take android screen capture at this time.

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